Lets Talk About Auto Glass Cleaners

Many glass cleaners contain ammonia, which is a great grease cutter but has some significant disadvantages when it comes to cars. Ammonia can release dangerous fumes that should not be inhaled, especially in enclosed areas like the inside of your vehicle. Chemically, ammonia acts to dry out plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather. Most significantly, in sunnier climates, car owners often customize with additional non-factory tinting. Ammonia based cleaners cannot be used on tinted windows. If your current cleaner does not state “ammonia-free” or “safe for tinted windows” you should find another cleaner.

NOTE: AVOID HOUSEHOLD GLASS CLEANERS, which almost all contain ammonia. A few examples of tint-safe glass cleaners are; Stoner Invisible Glass, McKee’s 37 Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner, BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Glass Cleaner, and Mothers ReVision Glass + Surface Cleaner.

A Tip for Tinted Windows: Use McKee’s 37 Plex-All to polish and protect the window tint. Apply it only to the inside of the glass where tint is visible. It will seal the tint material (Mylar) and keep it clean. Detailer’s Pro Series Plex-All is non-static, non-streaking, and it dries crystal clear.

Some people prefer to use plain water to clean their windows. While this is a very safe method, water is not enough of a solvent to cut the protein base of stubborn spots, like bug remains. However, try a glass-cleaning microfiber towel.

Note if your not sure contact us, at Angel’s Auto Glass we are here to help.